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10 cool scientific discoveries over the last 5 years

Over the last 5 years scientists have dazzled us with amazing discoveries. Some have been controversial and confusing at best while some have been the coolest thing ever. Here is the list of discoveries that will have saying ay what now?’ 1. Scientists found dinosaur feathers and a bird trapped in amber Scientists found new […]

How Government Regulation Impacts A Free Market

The economy is composed of all financial activity between companies and consumers within a country or region. Factors that influence the economy in the modern world include; government, international transactions, speculation and expectation, supply and demand. Factors that influence market fluctuation Government: the monetary and fiscal policies that governments throughout the world impose do have […]

The Coolest Dashboard features in Electric cars

Coolest Dashboard features in Electric cars. There is a new technological revolution going on in our world today regarding new technologies in car driving. The new Bluetooth controlled systems offer the possibility to gain remote control over the vehicle. Also the fact that electric-driven cars production is rising, adds a new dimension to the evolution […]

The most dangerous places to go visit and why?

Are you a real globetrotter? This list of the most dangerous cities in the world can be very useful when planning your next backpack trip. Some countries are really not safe and they are often even less safe for tourists. If you still want to travel to one of these cities, inform yourself well in […]

Things To Avoid When Travelling For The First Time

No matter how many miles you have traveled across the globe, we all share similar stories in our travel experience that in one way or the other we wish had not occurred. When traveling goes wrong, it indeed goes wrong. If it happens that you have been stuck on the side of a road in […]

The Most Underrated Places In the World To Take Photos

1. Santa Monica pier. Most visits to Califonia are of people hitting up Hollywood. Hollywood is definitively a neat place, but the only thing to do is point at some stars on the ground and see a few street performers. I suggest skipping this and going down to the Santa Monica pier. Take some selfies […]

5 Underrated airlines you should consider trying

Every frequent flyer knows the best airlines which are recognised for having top class service. An organisation called Skytrax honours the best of the best in the airline industry every year with awards based how satisfied customers are. In 2016, the top award went to Emirates airlines, but what about those airlines that get a […]

5 Tips For New Hunters

Hunting is an exhilarating activity that tests quite a number of skills like precision, determination and focus. For new hunters who do not have the experience yet, deer hunting is a very rewarding place to start. Before going on hunt however, it is important to put a number of things into consideration so as to […]

Some Fun Tech Gadgets for Fitness Enthusiasts

In the recent days, there has been an increase in health and fitness gadgets innovations. There is a number of gadgets that fitness enthusiasts can now purchase that are technologically incredible. Some are too specialized while others are just perfect to fit their needs. Either way, there is no denying that these gadgets are nothing […]

What are the most talked about gadgets available today

Technology is a consistently expanding, ever-changing industry that has gotten more and more exciting throughout the ages. From the invention of the printing press in 1440 to the physical inception of the television in 1927, nothing has altered the human timeline quite like the existence of technology. Today in the year 2017, we are definitely […]