Some Fun Tech Gadgets for Fitness Enthusiasts

tech gadget use

In the recent days, there has been an increase in health and fitness gadgets innovations. There is a number of gadgets that fitness enthusiasts can now purchase that are technologically incredible. Some are too specialized while others are just perfect to fit their needs. Either way, there is no denying that these gadgets are nothing less than impressive. Below are some of the fun tech gadgets that fitness enthusiasts find appealing in their daily routine.

1. Skulpt Aim Fitness Tracker

Skulpt Aim is a revolutionary gadget that has become a fitness measurement alternative to using tape measures, mirrors and weighing scales. The kit houses a total of twelve sensors. The user places the gadget on the biceps, abs, triceps and quads to get the exact readings of muscle quantity and the total percentage of body fat. Other muscles in the body can also be measured so that the user knows exactly what needs improvement.

2. Koto Air Pollution Monitor
This is a small sized gadget that measures the quality of air inside a home or an office. The user is able to receive time alerts when there is presence of excessive dust particles, pollution or inadequate moisture. This is especially useful for users who suffer from air pollution related allergies. Another gadget that offers similar functions is the Foobot.

3. FoodSniffer Chemical Detector

This device has been constructed and designed from the success of Indiegogo campaign. The device is used to detect harmful chemicals near and in the food so that the user can know if the food is safe for consumption. The gadget is used hand in hand with the FoodSniffer app available in android and Apple devices. The app is a bio-organic test carried out to determine the freshness of dairy products like meat.

4. Sportiiiis Sports Feedback

This is a real time performance checker device that is used to give feedback on the fitness activities of the user, without distracting them. The gadgets used colored LED and audio prompts to show feedback for example the heart rate, speed, cadence and the output of energy. It is attached to a pair of glasses and set up, to encourage the user to achieve the pre set targets through a mobile app.

5. Beddit Sleep Tracker

This is the very first sleep tracker in the world. It is used to track snoring, movement, breathing, sleep patterns, heart rates and the environment. The good thing about this device is that it does not need to be worn, like other devices in this category. It is simply placed under the user’s bed sheets, turning their bed into a smart bed. The data collected is then synchronized with the Beddit mobile app, allowing the user to see the quality of their sleep. This data ca be used to determine one’s relaxation techniques and how diet changes affect the quality of their sleep.

6. TellSpec Food Scanner

This device is used to notify the user of the molecular level and what is in their food. The device is a spectrometer in essence, used to measure the light that is reflected from the food. The information provided can be used to determine the sugar and gluten content, and also pesticides that may be present in the food. The mobile app used alongside TellSpec is comprehensive such that the user can track the amount of micro nutrients they consume.