The Coolest Dashboard features in Electric cars

Coolest Dashboard features in Electric cars.

There is a new technological revolution going on in our world today regarding new technologies in car driving. The new Bluetooth controlled systems offer the possibility to gain remote control over the vehicle. Also the fact that electric-driven cars production is rising, adds a new dimension to the evolution in car driving experience, featuring new charging stations and innovative tools such as apps designed to guide you to those giant electricity sockets that the new electricity stations are. In this
article, we are going to check some of the coolest new features some of this electrics cars have in their dashboards, so let’s get there:

The American company Tesla, founded in 2003, is pretty much causing a revolution in the way car driving is experienced nowadays, not only for being a part of the new generation of electricity-driven cars but because of its cutting edge technology. Tesla keeps amazing the world with some new dashboard features such as a keyless start-up, full car control, full car monitoring, climate checking, locking and unlocking doors and pretty much anything you would need to control your car as if it was a wheeled mobile phone. The dashboard for Tesla app, for example, features an exclusive push notification option that automatically reports any hit or movement your car is experiencing, pretty much anywhere it is. If you are worried about your child taking your phone to drive your car as a videogame, you don’t have to anymore, because there is a fingerprint signing option that will help you secure your property.

Tesla cars also feature an auto-pilot mode that enables the car to keep highway speed and change lanes by itself which undoubtedly is a great step towards full autonomous tech. On the other hand, Nissan´s Leaf, features a system that assists your driving but demands at least one hand on the wheel. It can actually accelerate or push the brake for you but if you don’t move the steering wheel for a while it will assume you are unconscious and slow down till it stops with its emergency flashes on. The New version of the Nissan Leaf also offers the possibility to control the cabins temperature remotely if you want to heat it up before you get in, for example, during some freezing winter day.

Tesla car users also benefit from a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air​) filter that protects them from outside bacteria and contamination in the surreal bioweapon defense mode. It basically isolates the car using cutting edge filtering technology to keep you safe in the event of a chemical attack. Still Tesla seems to be far ahead its opponents in the electric car crowd and it offers another advantage that consists of its software updating automatically, unlike most cars that would
require you to update the software in some dealership.Regarding the celebrated Jaguar electric model, the I pace, it’s known that its dashboard includes full 3-D map view and multiple navigation aids as well as some convenient 10 GB usable memory to facilitate entertainment while travelling. The Kia Soul Ev, features a lighted system on top of the dash that allows external charging monitoring while the car is locked up. It also includes an electrical system that gathers data regarding your driving patterns to regulate certain functions of the car.