The Most Underrated Places In the World To Take Photos

1. Santa Monica pier.

Most visits to Califonia are of people hitting up Hollywood. Hollywood is definitively a neat place, but the only thing to do is point at some stars on the ground and see a few street performers. I suggest skipping this and going down to the Santa Monica pier. Take some selfies with the street performers, interesting street art, stop by the dock and check out the beautiful body of water. You can also see Beverly Hills, but the real beauty and picture moments will come from the Peer. Sure, you can grab a photo of the star of your favorite actor/actress, or you can stop into the aquarium on the pier and get a shot feeding some starfish.

2.San Antonio’s Riverwalk.

Why visit the common destination of the Alamo, and it is a quite site for anyone visiting San Antonio and loves history, but the actual destination has to be the Riverwalk. This is a beautiful tour of the banks of the San Antonio River 1 meter below the streets. Stop in at the Rainforest Cafe, or enjoy a ride down the waters. This is by far one of the neatest places on earth to grab a photo

3.Sky View Observatory Seattle

Most people visiting Seattle love to get a picture at the space needle, but why not check out the sky view observatory? This breath taking in the view of the surroundings of the city will leave any picture saying a million words. Not to mention the cost is way less than visiting the space needle, and about two times taller than it also. This is on the 73ed floor; you are also permitted back to get a better view of the city’s night life also. They also have instructions on how to take the best picture avoiding glare from the glass and lights. Have a glass of wine and take in the beauty and some nice snaps.

4. Tour Montparnasse Paris

Tour Montparnasse is 58 stories and is one of the most modern buildings in Paris. It is said that nothing beats the view from the top and you can soak in all that Paris has to offer. Imagine a photo from up top of this ugly building. In 1995 a climber by the name of Alain “Spiderman” Robert scaled the building using his bare hands and feet almost falling on several occasions. The building on its own is not much to look at and voted the second ugliest building in the world. But the view from inside is stunning and will make for some good pictures

5. Ghent in Belgium

Most visitors to Belgium are heading to Brussels, but do yourself a favor and check out Ghent, Ghent is a port city filled with beautiful buildings and even castles. Castle of the counts is a great adventure with stunning views from on top. You can even get a great shot in the torture museum if your stomach permits. Ghent is considered to be a masterpiece of architectural structures and host of tons of authentic shops with unique tastes.