The most dangerous places to go visit and why?

Are you a real globetrotter? This list of the most dangerous cities in the world can be very useful when planning your next backpack trip. Some countries are really not safe and they are often even less safe for tourists. If you still want to travel to one of these cities, inform yourself well in advance or choose a protected tourist resort.

1. João Pessoa, Brazil

Brazil is another country that has a serious problem with crime. Cities such as João Pessoa, where the figures swing out, are a good example of this. In this city, the sun would first rise through the Eastern location on the continent. The only thing we shine on is the crimes that are committed. Theft, drugs in your drink and hacking your bank account are daily expenses. Oh yes, there are also about 500 murders per year on 723,515 inhabitants.

2. Baghdad, Iraq

A trip to Baghdad in Iraq is also not recommended. Because of the unstable policy and the sudden outbreaks of violence and terrorism, Baghdad is anything but safe. This is also clear when you walk around. The buildings are still far from being repaired from previous bombing. The street scene tells the dangerous story of this city.

3. South Africa, Cape Town

Also in Cape Town you are not always safe. Certainly after 5 pm the city will be taken over by homeless people and junkies who will not hesitate to raid you. South Africa is also known for the large amounts of rapes that take place there. A good 65,000 per year! This is also one of the reasons why AIDS is so widely distributed.

4. Mogadishu, Somalia

Also in certain parts of Africa, you better not come. Mogadishu in Somalia would have the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world. Yet you will rarely see Western tourists. Kidnapping, terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists, lawlessness and general political unrest ensure that Foreign Affairs discourages all journeys to Somalia.
5. Bogota, Colombia
Be sure to stay in the designated ‘safe zones’ in cities such as Bogota, because there is a lot going wrong outside that. Colombia is the king of all drugs. In the so-called ‘favellas’ or slums, you often get a free line of cocaine with your cola. You are more quickly stripped of your clothes and valuable belongings than you think. The extremist groups are also always a danger. They are unpredictable and still rebel against the state. They also like killing in Colombia. Although the murder index has now dropped to 52 per 100,000 inhabitants, it is still very dangerous.

6. Barquisimeto, Venezuela

You can also find Venezuela in South America. Barquisimeto, a city in the West between Caracas and Maracaibo, certainly deserves a place among the most dangerous cities in the world. The police are no longer in control of crime and you are even robbed in broad daylight. 804 murders of 1,120,718 inhabitants, that is certainly not wrong! Caracas itself is also not a push when it comes to crime. With 3.862 murders of 3.247.971 inhabitants, you may be happy to come alive from here!


The world has countless attractive travel destinations for adventurers, but caution is required, depending on the country you want to visit.