10 cool scientific discoveries over the last 5 years

Over the last 5 years scientists have dazzled us with amazing discoveries. Some have been controversial and confusing at best while some have been the coolest thing ever. Here is the list of discoveries that will have saying ay what now?’

1. Scientists found dinosaur feathers and a bird trapped in amber

Scientists found new species of insects and an almost complete baby bird trapped in amber in amber mines of Myanmar. When this seemed like the best thing ever with most of us expecting a Jurassic park like unveiling this is not to be trusted since amber specimens do not preserve DNA that well.

2. An interstellar whizzed by Earth

A cigar-shaped rock whizzed past earth faster than any other sun-orbiting rock would. This rock has comet features such as metals and carbon but it looks nothing like a comet. This can cause a lot of damage if it happens to collide with our planet.

3. Artificial baby

This may sound cool to many people it doesn’t to me. Scientists incubated a lamb in a sack filled with fluid. As this technology is not approved for humans yet it will be used to premature babies for them to make it to a gestational stage. Luckily it’s not used as a womb for those mothers who don’t want to do it naturally.

4. John –Teller Metal

Well they should have consulted me for a better name but that’s not important now. We are used to the three states of matter which are solid, liquid and gaseous but this amazing discovery changes our understanding of matter. This superconductor coexists with metals since it has cool state localized electrons in the Fullerene molecules.

5. Pluto is back

When Pluto was knocked down and then we had to change the science syllabus again. A flyby discovered activities such as mountain activities and glaciers. When most of this was reviewed we’re still waiting to know if for sure Pluto is still a planet.

6. There is a second really tiny moon.

Well there is this asteroid that never seems to go away and it’s been trapped in the earth’s orbit. It’s actually called 2016 HO3 and since it’s been orbiting the sun for a while now it’s been referred to by NASA as earth’s quasi-satellite. The cool part is that NASA said that the 2016 HO3 will be keep following this pattern for centuries to come. Look at the sky now and see if you can spot it.

7. Galaxies are more than we thought they were

The Hubble telescope has changed what we know about galaxies with discoveries that the universe might have undergone some significant galaxy evolution throughout history. Many of this information observed by our telescopes has not been as complete and the fact that they can’t see that far.

8. A new solar system discovery

Last year scientists discovered that a planet called a LHS1140 that is said to possibly harbor life. Though we are not able to get there yet, scientists say that the planet orbits around a dim star almost as close as the earth is to the sun. If this makes you scream aliens then we might have just discovered their home.

9. How Minerals where formed

Scientists discovered how minerals like gold, platinum and silver were formed. They explained it was due to the collision of two super-small and dense stars around 130 million years away from earth. When the two dense stars crashed into one another at a third the speed of light, they created a gravitational wave which earth picked up. Astronomers say that this event only happens after every 100,000 years.

10. Pyramid of Giza

Scientists discovered that this large Egyptian pyramid has a hole and are 99.99 percent sure that it actually exists. This was enabled by a new technique that requires high speed particles called Muons. Cosmic rays from high-energy objects reach earth and interact with air molecules to make these particles