How economics in major blue states are failing

New York raised its minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. The change went into effect on January 1, 2019. The smallest businesses had until the end of 2020 to raise their pay rates. The minimum wage hike was predicted to cause a number of problems we are now seeing, based on previous failed minimum wage increases. What are the predictable problems arising from the increased minimum wage, and why haven’t politicians learned from these mistakes?

The Impact of the Increased Minimum Wage

The minimum wage hike was passed based on the belief it would raise earnings and thus quality of life. However, it is having the opposite effect. For example, people aren’t willing or able to pay twice as much to eat out. This is causing restaurants and bars to close. Others shift to business models that require fewer staff such as buffets and take-out. That reduces employment by a third or more, causing many of those who were supposed to get a pay raise to lose their jobs. Overtime has been eliminated, and many businesses have reduced their hours to reduce costs.

One study found that three quarters of NYC restaurants slashed hours. A third laid people off. And ninety percent of them raised prices. Only four percent of restaurants surveyed three months after the law went into effect did none of the above. A BLS survey showed that more than four thousand workers at full service restaurants lost their jobs, continuing a downward trend in restaurant employment as minimum pay ratcheted up from 10.50 to 15 dollars an hour. This is despite overall employment in the city rose by more than 160,000. Further cuts are coming. One industry study found that half of full service restaurants planned to cut additional people in 2020. That was on top of the third that said they’d already eliminated jobs. Those who remain have to work harder, because there are fewer staff on shift. And many earn less overall, because their hours were cut.

Nor can you blame the general economy for these cuts. During the Great Recession, between December 2007 and June 2009, the number of restaurant jobs actually increased by nearly 2,000.

Why This Was Predicted

There are numerous studies that show that hiking the minimum wage hurts those it purports to help. Seattle, Washington raised its minimum wage from 9.47 dollars an hour in 2014 to 13 dollars an hour in 2016. The University of Washington found that the average low wage worker saw their earnings drop 125 dollars a month due to hour cuts.

The American Action Forum did a similar study on the impact of the last nationwide minimum wage hike. They estimated that it killed a quarter million jobs immediately and 1.7 million jobs long-term. For example, it pushed companies to automate packaging operations and install self-checkout machines. In the case of restaurants, they install point of service kiosks to take orders. And once they automate, they rarely go back. That’s aside from the temptation to outsource more work abroad, buy items made overseas instead of domestically, or hire illegal aliens who don’t pay payroll taxes and claim benefits.

Why Politicians Did It Anyway

There’s an interesting refrain in liberal politics. Never mind what failed before, from rent control to communism. The failure is never attributed to the political solution. Instead, blame is assigned to either the leadership at the time or those who opposed the idea. The solution is always more government, regardless of the harm and erosion of freedom that comes with it.


Politicians don’t learn because they don’t want to admit the policies they are pushing don’t have the intended effect. They already have a system to blame others or say it will work if they’re in charge. Nor do the harmful consequences matter, because the goal was always to have more power in the first place.

10 cool scientific discoveries over the last 5 years

Over the last 5 years scientists have dazzled us with amazing discoveries. Some have been controversial and confusing at best while some have been the coolest thing ever. Here is the list of discoveries that will have saying ay what now?’

1. Scientists found dinosaur feathers and a bird trapped in amber

Scientists found new species of insects and an almost complete baby bird trapped in amber in amber mines of Myanmar. When this seemed like the best thing ever with most of us expecting a Jurassic park like unveiling this is not to be trusted since amber specimens do not preserve DNA that well.

2. An interstellar whizzed by Earth

A cigar-shaped rock whizzed past earth faster than any other sun-orbiting rock would. This rock has comet features such as metals and carbon but it looks nothing like a comet. This can cause a lot of damage if it happens to collide with our planet.

3. Artificial baby

This may sound cool to many people it doesn’t to me. Scientists incubated a lamb in a sack filled with fluid. As this technology is not approved for humans yet it will be used to premature babies for them to make it to a gestational stage. Luckily it’s not used as a womb for those mothers who don’t want to do it naturally.

4. John –Teller Metal

Well they should have consulted me for a better name but that’s not important now. We are used to the three states of matter which are solid, liquid and gaseous but this amazing discovery changes our understanding of matter. This superconductor coexists with metals since it has cool state localized electrons in the Fullerene molecules.

5. Pluto is back

When Pluto was knocked down and then we had to change the science syllabus again. A flyby discovered activities such as mountain activities and glaciers. When most of this was reviewed we’re still waiting to know if for sure Pluto is still a planet.

6. There is a second really tiny moon.

Well there is this asteroid that never seems to go away and it’s been trapped in the earth’s orbit. It’s actually called 2016 HO3 and since it’s been orbiting the sun for a while now it’s been referred to by NASA as earth’s quasi-satellite. The cool part is that NASA said that the 2016 HO3 will be keep following this pattern for centuries to come. Look at the sky now and see if you can spot it.

7. Galaxies are more than we thought they were

The Hubble telescope has changed what we know about galaxies with discoveries that the universe might have undergone some significant galaxy evolution throughout history. Many of this information observed by our telescopes has not been as complete and the fact that they can’t see that far.

8. A new solar system discovery

Last year scientists discovered that a planet called a LHS1140 that is said to possibly harbor life. Though we are not able to get there yet, scientists say that the planet orbits around a dim star almost as close as the earth is to the sun. If this makes you scream aliens then we might have just discovered their home.

9. How Minerals where formed

Scientists discovered how minerals like gold, platinum and silver were formed. They explained it was due to the collision of two super-small and dense stars around 130 million years away from earth. When the two dense stars crashed into one another at a third the speed of light, they created a gravitational wave which earth picked up. Astronomers say that this event only happens after every 100,000 years.

10. Pyramid of Giza

Scientists discovered that this large Egyptian pyramid has a hole and are 99.99 percent sure that it actually exists. This was enabled by a new technique that requires high speed particles called Muons. Cosmic rays from high-energy objects reach earth and interact with air molecules to make these particles

How Government Regulation Impacts A Free Market

The economy is composed of all financial activity between companies and consumers within a country or region. Factors that influence the economy in the modern world include; government, international transactions, speculation and expectation, supply and demand.

Factors that influence market fluctuation

Government: the monetary and fiscal policies that governments throughout the world impose do have a major effect on the financial marketplace. Monetary policies include the decisions that revolve around increase or decrease interest rates by central governments (for example the Federal Reserve in the case of the United States) have a major influence on economic growth. On the other hand, fiscal policies are the attempts of the government to create employment by increasing its budget and spending on labor. The Federal Reserve controls interest rates and the number of dollars available to the open market. In this way, the government influences the flow of investment into and out of a country.

International transactions: the flow of currency between nations impacts in a major way acountry’s economy. Export of goods and services enable a continuous flow of money into a country, money which can stimulate financial markets within a nation.

Speculation and expectation: this is a significant part of economic systems. Politicians, investors, and consumer all hold an opinion on where the market is or should be heading. These opinions and views affect how they (investors, politician, and consumers) behave- how they invest and spend their money.

Supply and demand: the supply, availability, and demand for goods, services, currencies and other investments directly influence prices. If a product is in demand and the supplies diminish then the prices will increase. On the other hand, if supply outweighs demand, then prices will drop. Demand is a major determinant of prices.

But out of these four factors, which ones exert the most influence on the economy and market trends. It is a traditional opinion that government regulations have the most influence on market patterns and directly or inversely affects the economy. This may be true considering that if a
government in a country was to ban the use of plastic bags or plastic products, then the population would be forced to look for alternative ways to pack their produce. The key players in the plastic industry will evolve to cleaner and greener alternatives like paper bags, carton boxes, cloth bags, and baskets.

It is my opinion however that today the market has shifted to tunes of demand, the desires of the population. Today we have industries that exist due to the populations’ self-awareness, for example, the organic food industry, the green and renewable industry just to name a few. Health and fitness is a subject that is dear to many people, and this has led to a growing increase in demand for organic produce.

Farmers throughout the world have to that effect altered their chemical technology to cater to the needs of this population. Tesla, a significant player in the green and renewable energy industry, has in the recent years innovated cars for the growing population that wants action or change implemented against climate change and global warming.

Having achieved success by listening to this fraction of the people, they have achieved great success that major players in the motor industry now produce electric or hybrid cars. In this way, demand influences the market which in turn impacts the economy.

The Coolest Dashboard features in Electric cars

Coolest Dashboard features in Electric cars.

There is a new technological revolution going on in our world today regarding new technologies in car driving. The new Bluetooth controlled systems offer the possibility to gain remote control over the vehicle. Also the fact that electric-driven cars production is rising, adds a new dimension to the evolution in car driving experience, featuring new charging stations and innovative tools such as apps designed to guide you to those giant electricity sockets that the new electricity stations are. In this
article, we are going to check some of the coolest new features some of this electrics cars have in their dashboards, so let’s get there:

The American company Tesla, founded in 2003, is pretty much causing a revolution in the way car driving is experienced nowadays, not only for being a part of the new generation of electricity-driven cars but because of its cutting edge technology. Tesla keeps amazing the world with some new dashboard features such as a keyless start-up, full car control, full car monitoring, climate checking, locking and unlocking doors and pretty much anything you would need to control your car as if it was a wheeled mobile phone. The dashboard for Tesla app, for example, features an exclusive push notification option that automatically reports any hit or movement your car is experiencing, pretty much anywhere it is. If you are worried about your child taking your phone to drive your car as a videogame, you don’t have to anymore, because there is a fingerprint signing option that will help you secure your property.

Tesla cars also feature an auto-pilot mode that enables the car to keep highway speed and change lanes by itself which undoubtedly is a great step towards full autonomous tech. On the other hand, Nissan´s Leaf, features a system that assists your driving but demands at least one hand on the wheel. It can actually accelerate or push the brake for you but if you don’t move the steering wheel for a while it will assume you are unconscious and slow down till it stops with its emergency flashes on. The New version of the Nissan Leaf also offers the possibility to control the cabins temperature remotely if you want to heat it up before you get in, for example, during some freezing winter day.

Tesla car users also benefit from a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air​) filter that protects them from outside bacteria and contamination in the surreal bioweapon defense mode. It basically isolates the car using cutting edge filtering technology to keep you safe in the event of a chemical attack. Still Tesla seems to be far ahead its opponents in the electric car crowd and it offers another advantage that consists of its software updating automatically, unlike most cars that would
require you to update the software in some dealership.Regarding the celebrated Jaguar electric model, the I pace, it’s known that its dashboard includes full 3-D map view and multiple navigation aids as well as some convenient 10 GB usable memory to facilitate entertainment while travelling. The Kia Soul Ev, features a lighted system on top of the dash that allows external charging monitoring while the car is locked up. It also includes an electrical system that gathers data regarding your driving patterns to regulate certain functions of the car.

The most dangerous places to go visit and why?

Are you a real globetrotter? This list of the most dangerous cities in the world can be very useful when planning your next backpack trip. Some countries are really not safe and they are often even less safe for tourists. If you still want to travel to one of these cities, inform yourself well in advance or choose a protected tourist resort.

1. João Pessoa, Brazil

Brazil is another country that has a serious problem with crime. Cities such as João Pessoa, where the figures swing out, are a good example of this. In this city, the sun would first rise through the Eastern location on the continent. The only thing we shine on is the crimes that are committed. Theft, drugs in your drink and hacking your bank account are daily expenses. Oh yes, there are also about 500 murders per year on 723,515 inhabitants.

2. Baghdad, Iraq

A trip to Baghdad in Iraq is also not recommended. Because of the unstable policy and the sudden outbreaks of violence and terrorism, Baghdad is anything but safe. This is also clear when you walk around. The buildings are still far from being repaired from previous bombing. The street scene tells the dangerous story of this city.

3. South Africa, Cape Town

Also in Cape Town you are not always safe. Certainly after 5 pm the city will be taken over by homeless people and junkies who will not hesitate to raid you. South Africa is also known for the large amounts of rapes that take place there. A good 65,000 per year! This is also one of the reasons why AIDS is so widely distributed.

4. Mogadishu, Somalia

Also in certain parts of Africa, you better not come. Mogadishu in Somalia would have the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world. Yet you will rarely see Western tourists. Kidnapping, terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists, lawlessness and general political unrest ensure that Foreign Affairs discourages all journeys to Somalia.
5. Bogota, Colombia
Be sure to stay in the designated ‘safe zones’ in cities such as Bogota, because there is a lot going wrong outside that. Colombia is the king of all drugs. In the so-called ‘favellas’ or slums, you often get a free line of cocaine with your cola. You are more quickly stripped of your clothes and valuable belongings than you think. The extremist groups are also always a danger. They are unpredictable and still rebel against the state. They also like killing in Colombia. Although the murder index has now dropped to 52 per 100,000 inhabitants, it is still very dangerous.

6. Barquisimeto, Venezuela

You can also find Venezuela in South America. Barquisimeto, a city in the West between Caracas and Maracaibo, certainly deserves a place among the most dangerous cities in the world. The police are no longer in control of crime and you are even robbed in broad daylight. 804 murders of 1,120,718 inhabitants, that is certainly not wrong! Caracas itself is also not a push when it comes to crime. With 3.862 murders of 3.247.971 inhabitants, you may be happy to come alive from here!


The world has countless attractive travel destinations for adventurers, but caution is required, depending on the country you want to visit.

Things To Avoid When Travelling For The First Time

No matter how many miles you have traveled across the globe, we all share similar stories in our travel experience that in one way or the other we wish had not occurred. When traveling goes wrong, it indeed goes wrong. If it happens that you have been stuck on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere or been stuck at the airport the whole day, then you know what it calls making a blunder when traveling.

With a critical postulation and a bit of tactical planning, however, some of the traveling blunders can be avoided. Holiday traveling theoretically should be a time of joy characterized with cheer and having enough time to spend with your loved ones. This should not be the time to solve out the issue, here are some common blunders you can easily avoid when planning a trip.

Saving money at the expense of time:

When traveling, we tend to save much on money at the expense of their time. We tend to forget that just like money time is equally valuable and limited. It should be noted that when traveling we should as much as a possible balance between the two resources- time and money. For instance, if a taxi cost 5$ more than when traveling by bus, then opt for the taxi the 5$ billing is worth the 20 minutes saved. Similarly, it is worth paying for a museum admission charges rather than waste time in long line on a free day.

Letting mistakes ruin your trip:

Many travelers panic when a mistake happens or when they get ripped off. When a blunder occurs, there is no need of getting indignant it is best that efforts are made to get over it. The joy of traveling lies in having fun in the whole exercise it is not about perfection or the eye sights it, being wonder struck with a wider world view is everything in travel.

Never leaving your comfort zone:

In traveling the fundamental goal is mainly to interact with the local communities and having a meaningful contact with the locals. You can only achieve this if you leave your comfort zone, just don’t sit around it is good to you move around talk to people and have something to share with them. Connecting with people is what makes lively making your traveling experience great, and this is what entails getting of your comfort zone.

Not being alert to scammers and thieves:

Traveling can be a challenge regarding security people will always take a chance and exploit your naivety to cone your or even go to the extent of stilling from you. Your security starts with you, you should always be on the lookout for corn men who may be willing to help but in the real sense are thieves. It can be a waiter offering special offers, a beggar with sad stories aimed at squeezing some cash out of your pocket or violent thieves who may want to snatch your wallet by force. To avoid such eventualities always store your credit cards, passports, and cash securely.

Traveling with outdated information:

As far as a guidebook may look too expensive purchasing one for your use can prove essential for your trip. It can help you save on mere expenses such as a fine for not validating your bus or train tickets or the cost incurred when you visit a destination that has just been shut down for renovation.

The Most Underrated Places In the World To Take Photos

1. Santa Monica pier.

Most visits to Califonia are of people hitting up Hollywood. Hollywood is definitively a neat place, but the only thing to do is point at some stars on the ground and see a few street performers. I suggest skipping this and going down to the Santa Monica pier. Take some selfies with the street performers, interesting street art, stop by the dock and check out the beautiful body of water. You can also see Beverly Hills, but the real beauty and picture moments will come from the Peer. Sure, you can grab a photo of the star of your favorite actor/actress, or you can stop into the aquarium on the pier and get a shot feeding some starfish.

2.San Antonio’s Riverwalk.

Why visit the common destination of the Alamo, and it is a quite site for anyone visiting San Antonio and loves history, but the actual destination has to be the Riverwalk. This is a beautiful tour of the banks of the San Antonio River 1 meter below the streets. Stop in at the Rainforest Cafe, or enjoy a ride down the waters. This is by far one of the neatest places on earth to grab a photo

3.Sky View Observatory Seattle

Most people visiting Seattle love to get a picture at the space needle, but why not check out the sky view observatory? This breath taking in the view of the surroundings of the city will leave any picture saying a million words. Not to mention the cost is way less than visiting the space needle, and about two times taller than it also. This is on the 73ed floor; you are also permitted back to get a better view of the city’s night life also. They also have instructions on how to take the best picture avoiding glare from the glass and lights. Have a glass of wine and take in the beauty and some nice snaps.

4. Tour Montparnasse Paris

Tour Montparnasse is 58 stories and is one of the most modern buildings in Paris. It is said that nothing beats the view from the top and you can soak in all that Paris has to offer. Imagine a photo from up top of this ugly building. In 1995 a climber by the name of Alain “Spiderman” Robert scaled the building using his bare hands and feet almost falling on several occasions. The building on its own is not much to look at and voted the second ugliest building in the world. But the view from inside is stunning and will make for some good pictures

5. Ghent in Belgium

Most visitors to Belgium are heading to Brussels, but do yourself a favor and check out Ghent, Ghent is a port city filled with beautiful buildings and even castles. Castle of the counts is a great adventure with stunning views from on top. You can even get a great shot in the torture museum if your stomach permits. Ghent is considered to be a masterpiece of architectural structures and host of tons of authentic shops with unique tastes.

5 Underrated airlines you should consider trying

Every frequent flyer knows the best airlines which are recognised for having top class service. An organisation called Skytrax honours the best of the best in the airline industry every year with awards based how satisfied customers are. In 2016, the top award went to Emirates airlines, but what about those airlines that get a decent rating all the time and are affordable for families? This article will point out 5 of the most underrated airlines in the world.

1. AirAsia

AirAsia is one of the best low budget airlines around and they fly to many destinations in Southeast Asia. The countries they fly to include Thailand, Malaysia and India. With a TripAdvisor rating of 3.5 to 4 stars, this airline has good customer service, it is known to be clean and you will get value for your money. Low cost flyers usually look at Lufthansa and Virgin America however; this airline needs to be part of the conversation if you are looking to save.

2. Sun Country Airlines

This airline makes the list because it has 4 stars rating on TripAdvisor because it has a smooth check in process, great customer service, great food and most importantly excellent customer service. The airline is known to fly to over 30 destinations in the Caribbean, United States of America, Costa Rica and Mexico. This is another airline worth trying for the reasons mentioned above and it always make the Skytrax top 10 low cost carriers in North America list.

3. Jetstar Airways

Based in Australia, this airline has a 3 star rating on TripAdvisor and it is one of the most affordable on this list. The parent company of this airline is Qantas and by flying with them, customers are able to earn Qantas rewards or points which they can use on Jetstar flights which is a very good thing.

4. WestJet

The reviews of this airline are somehow mixed if you look them up on Skytrax with many people giving the airline an above average rating of 6 out 10. The customer service on this airline is not bad at all with it averaging at least three stars out of 5 which is decent. Reviewers on TripAdvisor list this air as excellent or very good with high praise reserved for cleanliness and customer service. They fly to destination in the United Kingdom and North America.

5. Norwegian

This airline has a 7 out of 10 rating on Skytrax which is very good with customers praising the staff service, the comfortable seats and value for money. Based on Norway as the name suggests, it is one of the largest airlines in Europe and flies to well over 120 destinations. Reviews on TripAdvisor are also very impressive with customers there giving it an excellent or a very good rating with many complimenting its value, cleanliness and customers service.

All the airlines mentioned on this list are there on merit and deserve to be tried out because they are all value for money, clean and provide the best customer service around. Reviews from TripAdvisor and Skytrax are trusted by many readers and if they see that other people have something positive to say about these airlines, they will choose to fly with them to receive the same treatment.

5 Tips For New Hunters

Hunting is an exhilarating activity that tests quite a number of skills like precision, determination and focus. For new hunters who do not have the experience yet, deer hunting is a very rewarding place to start. Before going on hunt however, it is important to put a number of things into consideration so as to ensure that you are prepared and have a worthwhile experience. There are some of the common requirements of a hunter which include; getting a license, finding a good hunting place and so on. The following is a list of the hunting tips for beginners.

i. Being in the field – it is common sense that nobody shoots a deer in bed, diner or while watching a football game. To display your seriousness about harvesting a deer, you need to maximize the time that you spend in the field. For your journey, you should pack enough food and water for the day. Next, you make a decision on what your priority is before you get to camp. If your priority is to bag a deer, then you should never stay up late since rest is vital.

ii. Appropriate dressing – it is important to put on appropriate dressing, out in the field, you are likely to be cold in the morning and evening and hot during the day. Camouflaged layers are good for bow hunting just like orange is for gun hunting. Your head and your neck should be kept warm with a cap and neck warmer respectively. You should also get yourself quality waterproof boot to keep your feet warm so that you can keep hunting.

iii. Knowing your weapon – choosing a firearm is another crucial step. When you are determining which firearm to take, you are supposed to consider the accuracy and the distance. This is because some firearms are better than others for hunting at close versus long range. To improve your skills and learn the limits of your abilities and the gun’s, you are supposed to shoot as much as possible in the preseason. If you are hunting in a heavily forested area, then fifty yards may be the longest shot required.

iv. Scouting – doing this for a deer is different from doing it for other game animals. Early morning and late evenings are the best times to scout since at these times, deer are very active. If you are hunting public land, then you should be sure to find a handful of prospective places to hunt.

v. The big day – when the hunting day arrives, you should be ready having done everything to get prepared. This includes whether you will be hunting from a tree or on the ground depending on the direction of the wind. Once you are settled in, you should practice swinging your gun or bow so as to evaluate shooting lanes. This will enable you take the guess work out of the actual shot and mentally prepare you for the moment a deer is in range.

While you are out there, the best advice of all is to simply outdistance the masses by seeking the path that is less travelled. This might involve backpacking into the true wilderness or setting out earlier to hike into remote areas in the dark morning. The most successful hunter is one who hunts with a backpack trek at the front end of their quest.

Some Fun Tech Gadgets for Fitness Enthusiasts

tech gadget use

In the recent days, there has been an increase in health and fitness gadgets innovations. There is a number of gadgets that fitness enthusiasts can now purchase that are technologically incredible. Some are too specialized while others are just perfect to fit their needs. Either way, there is no denying that these gadgets are nothing less than impressive. Below are some of the fun tech gadgets that fitness enthusiasts find appealing in their daily routine.

1. Skulpt Aim Fitness Tracker

Skulpt Aim is a revolutionary gadget that has become a fitness measurement alternative to using tape measures, mirrors and weighing scales. The kit houses a total of twelve sensors. The user places the gadget on the biceps, abs, triceps and quads to get the exact readings of muscle quantity and the total percentage of body fat. Other muscles in the body can also be measured so that the user knows exactly what needs improvement.

2. Koto Air Pollution Monitor
This is a small sized gadget that measures the quality of air inside a home or an office. The user is able to receive time alerts when there is presence of excessive dust particles, pollution or inadequate moisture. This is especially useful for users who suffer from air pollution related allergies. Another gadget that offers similar functions is the Foobot.

3. FoodSniffer Chemical Detector

This device has been constructed and designed from the success of Indiegogo campaign. The device is used to detect harmful chemicals near and in the food so that the user can know if the food is safe for consumption. The gadget is used hand in hand with the FoodSniffer app available in android and Apple devices. The app is a bio-organic test carried out to determine the freshness of dairy products like meat.

4. Sportiiiis Sports Feedback

This is a real time performance checker device that is used to give feedback on the fitness activities of the user, without distracting them. The gadgets used colored LED and audio prompts to show feedback for example the heart rate, speed, cadence and the output of energy. It is attached to a pair of glasses and set up, to encourage the user to achieve the pre set targets through a mobile app.

5. Beddit Sleep Tracker

This is the very first sleep tracker in the world. It is used to track snoring, movement, breathing, sleep patterns, heart rates and the environment. The good thing about this device is that it does not need to be worn, like other devices in this category. It is simply placed under the user’s bed sheets, turning their bed into a smart bed. The data collected is then synchronized with the Beddit mobile app, allowing the user to see the quality of their sleep. This data ca be used to determine one’s relaxation techniques and how diet changes affect the quality of their sleep.

6. TellSpec Food Scanner

This device is used to notify the user of the molecular level and what is in their food. The device is a spectrometer in essence, used to measure the light that is reflected from the food. The information provided can be used to determine the sugar and gluten content, and also pesticides that may be present in the food. The mobile app used alongside TellSpec is comprehensive such that the user can track the amount of micro nutrients they consume.