What are the most talked about gadgets available today

Technology is a consistently expanding, ever-changing industry that has gotten more and more exciting throughout the ages. From the invention of the printing press in 1440 to the physical inception of the television in 1927, nothing has altered the human timeline quite like the existence of technology. Today in the year 2017, we are definitely nourishing the future with brighter, and more inventive ideas. We have fully embraced the digital agenda head on.

Modern emergency radio

Emergency radios have been used for ages. They are utilized by an array of different people in a variety of settings all over the world; even by soldiers fighting overseas. While they might seem like a thing of the past, today emergency radios are still useful, but with even more beneficial features. Camping out of range of a cell tower, or hiking the trails through the mountains might render you out without cell service. If you were to get lost or injured, an emergency radio would prove necessary. Manufactured by HS and sold on Vitalitymedical.com, this hand crank radio will not only provide you with contact to emergency responders, but with a power supply as well. This product features a USB port for charging phone. It also has an LED light and built-in solar panel.

Blackberry Playbook

Blackberry seemed to disappear for a length of time. However, they are back in full force with the new Blackberry Playbook. This mini tablet-computer is manufactured by Quanta Computer. Measuring in at seven inches, it is comparable to other tablets like the Kindle Fire. They possess a 1 GHz dual core processor with a 16 GB storage capacity. The one drawback here is that it will not run android programs- only Blackberry. At the low price of $45 new, it definitely packs a lot of bang for its buck.

LG Sidekick

If you have children then you know the following fact to be painfully true: laundry is never ending. Whether you have one child or four, laundry is usually necessary at least once a week. The LG Sidekick is here to solve that problem. You have of course the usual front loading washer, but with an additional wash basin below that run on its own or together with the top washer. This system is ideal for anyone who finds themselves doing multiple small loads throughout the week. The small washer compartment can actually be installed to your existing LG washer- it is a separate product. Contact your local appliance store and find out if you washer is compatible!

With technology constantly changing, and creative ideas blooming like the flowers in the spring, technology has almost completely taken over. We rely on technology for endless aspects of life, and many of us do not want to feel left out of the loop when it comes to staying current. If you are interested in what the technology world has to offer today, a simple google search will inform you of the best new gadgets of the year, and the ways to get your hands on them.