Future of the Camera Culture

A Little History

Over the past decade we have seen some major changes and developments within the “camera” culture surrounding photography. It used to be that to be a true photographer you needed to spend thousands of dollars on top of the line technology in order to produce even somewhat acceptable images. Oh how far we have come.

Where it All Began

With the introduction of truly viable (speaking of their price points) digital cameras we witnessed a major change in the world of photography. All of the sudden a personal camera that was capable of taking decent pictures was available at a price that everyone could afford. On top of that you didn’t even have to waist money on developing the film anymore, if the picture did not turn out you could simply delete it. While it is all well and good to review the future of “camera” culture, the question is now “what does the future hold?”

What the Future Holds

The answer to that question is apparent everywhere. We already live in a world dominated by selfie sticks and wide angle digital cameras (capable of taking fantastic quality shots) on our phones. This has led to the trend of documenting absolutely every aspect of our life. If you take a look at any social media site, you will undoubtedly be overwhelmed with images of people doing everyday things that until recently never justified a picture being taken. So is this good or bad?

Whether good or bad this is the culture that we now live in, everyone is taking pictures, and they are taking pictures of everything. It only goes further from here, we can expect to see a lot more of our families and friend’s everyday life (but it will be in HD). Not only that but everyone feels as though they are a photographer these days. With editing software built into all of our smart phones we can all take a picture that is otherwise lackluster, and make it stand apart.


On another point, it is worth talking about that the sheer number of pictures that flood social media these days. We are all coming into contact with some utterly breathtaking photography almost daily. It used to be that if you wanted to see “good” photography you had to go to a gallery and look at the work of a professional. These days with lenses the size of a Skittle that are capable of taking images in stunning HD, everyone with a smart phone is capable of capturing the beautiful aspects of the world around them. This has undoubtedly broadened our horizons, we are all seeing new and interesting things cast in stunning HD every day.

To finish up you may still be wondering what the future holds? The simple answer is that no one knows for sure. Some of us may have ideas but the fact is that the sky is the limit. With technology ever evolving it is hard to tell what the next “fad” to hit the photography world is going to be. Undoubtedly though it is going to be exciting to see where it all leads.

That being said, photography has brought our culture together in some ways. We’re more exposed to eachother internationally, we’re able to see what other cultures go through. We’re also able to celebrate certain moments with our friends thanks to photography, such as Kande Photo Booth Rental, selfie sticks, instagram, and all the rest. There’s a good and bad to a lot of things, but photography in 2016 has never been better culturally speaking.