The Best Smartphone Comparisons For 2017

The global Smartphone market has witnessed incredible advancement in recent years, with the pace of its evolution there is always something waiting in the wings no sooner has one spied the anticipation of the latest handset than there is a contemplation of something else impending hence choosing a Smartphone to use can be really a hard duty. Not only are they installed with premium and culminating features but there are relatively as many different software combos as there are phones. However this uncontrolled growth has been associated with lots of disruptions, the large website developers are coherently seeking to embrace the advantages that mobile delivers in the areas of engagement, connectivity and price compared with the PC based gateways which have defined business.

We have sampled some smartphones for 2017, those we contemplate to be the best across the entire communication platform and have regularly updated the list on a regular basis. The article has lined up best high-end smartphones of 2017 comparing their features and specifications as depicted below.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is touted to be one of the most outstanding smartphones of 2017 following the high competitive rate of Smartphone evolution.The new high-end Galaxy S8 flaunts a 5.1-inch FHD IPS display having a pixel density of 847 ppm; it shall be shipped with a rear 12MP+13MP camera with 5MP front camera for the selfie.The mobile also runs on the latest Android version of 7.0 Nougat operating system; it shall be available for purchase in 654 and 128GBstorage options

Apple iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 specifications and features are expected to be stunning in the smartphone market growth, the obvious outstanding feature of all Apple phone is to produce a unique and durable device. It will slightly heavier compared to the aluminum casing of the same thickness. Less heaviness will be complemented by a thinner AMOLED panel.

HTC and Google Smartphone(Sailfish and Marlin)

HTC sailfish is characterized by 5-inch FHD,440ppi pixel density. It is powered by 2.0 GHz and a processor of64bit.It is run by 4 GB RAM and inbuilt capacity OF 32 GB. Battery performance of 2770Mah. It is aided with 12MP rear camera and a front camera of 8MP.

On the contrary, HTC Marlin is a 5.5-inch smartphone, enabled with2560*1440 pixels. The phone is Quad-core supported. It has 4GB RAM and an expandable memory slot of up to 128GB.The Smartphone is fingerprint enabled scanner.

LG Flex 3

LG Flex 3 launch is expected to hit the market with surprise due to it stunning speculated features. The phone is projected to possess a metal body that is premium designed. Qualcomm will operate it with 820 processor units. It has 4GB RAM and an expandable Micro SD slot of up to 32GB. The power capacity of the battery is between 3000-3500mAH. It’s fingerprint scanner enabled and with amazing camera shots.

Microsoft Surface Phone.

Rumors of the launch of Microsoft Surface phone are suggesting that the phone will be run on windows 10OS. It will be coupled with 5.5-inch, powered by Snapdragon of about 820 processor. Has 4GB RAM and an expandable memory slot of up to 64GB RAM.

Sony Xperia Z6.

The expected new brand of Sony Xperia is projected to exhibit a 4k Ultra HD screen, a large battery capacity, waterproofed and powered by the fingerprint sensor.

Nokia C1.

The long wait for this phone Is expected to have 5.5-inch, 2GB RAM, has a 32GB inbuilt memory. It is anticipated to hold 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. A cortex-A72 processor runs it.

The Smartphone industry is day by day becoming completive in the market. They are thereby trying to release highly quality phones with a different specification to meet the market demand. More people are getting connected using the most advanced technology devices on the market