What are the most talked about gadgets available today

Technology is a consistently expanding, ever-changing industry that has gotten more and more exciting throughout the ages. From the invention of the printing press in 1440 to the physical inception of the television in 1927, nothing has altered the human timeline quite like the existence of technology. Today in the year 2017, we are definitely nourishing the future with brighter, and more inventive ideas. We have fully embraced the digital agenda head on.

Modern emergency radio

Emergency radios have been used for ages. They are utilized by an array of different people in a variety of settings all over the world; even by soldiers fighting overseas. While they might seem like a thing of the past, today emergency radios are still useful, but with even more beneficial features. Camping out of range of a cell tower, or hiking the trails through the mountains might render you out without cell service. If you were to get lost or injured, an emergency radio would prove necessary. Manufactured by HS and sold on Vitalitymedical.com, this hand crank radio will not only provide you with contact to emergency responders, but with a power supply as well. This product features a USB port for charging phone. It also has an LED light and built-in solar panel.

Blackberry Playbook

Blackberry seemed to disappear for a length of time. However, they are back in full force with the new Blackberry Playbook. This mini tablet-computer is manufactured by Quanta Computer. Measuring in at seven inches, it is comparable to other tablets like the Kindle Fire. They possess a 1 GHz dual core processor with a 16 GB storage capacity. The one drawback here is that it will not run android programs- only Blackberry. At the low price of $45 new, it definitely packs a lot of bang for its buck.

LG Sidekick

If you have children then you know the following fact to be painfully true: laundry is never ending. Whether you have one child or four, laundry is usually necessary at least once a week. The LG Sidekick is here to solve that problem. You have of course the usual front loading washer, but with an additional wash basin below that run on its own or together with the top washer. This system is ideal for anyone who finds themselves doing multiple small loads throughout the week. The small washer compartment can actually be installed to your existing LG washer- it is a separate product. Contact your local appliance store and find out if you washer is compatible!

With technology constantly changing, and creative ideas blooming like the flowers in the spring, technology has almost completely taken over. We rely on technology for endless aspects of life, and many of us do not want to feel left out of the loop when it comes to staying current. If you are interested in what the technology world has to offer today, a simple google search will inform you of the best new gadgets of the year, and the ways to get your hands on them.

Different types of photo booths available and their functions

Are you planning to hold a family get-together, a wedding, trade show, or a corporate event? If yes then you need state of the art equipment to will enable you take quality and unique pictures. There are different types of photo booths available to choose from; each one of them is unique in it’s own way and serves a certain purpose

1. Mojo photo booth

Mojo photo booth is not only one of the most unique photo booths available but it also gives you the opportunity to be creative enough in order to take the best photos. In addition to that, its fully enclosed design gives optimal performance as well as privacy, a factor that enables you to be as a creative as you wish. It can comfortably hold up to 10 people and is equipped with the latest ultra-high resolution digital technology. The mojo photo booth uses high technology to deliver quality photos that are not only stunning but can also last for many years to come.

2. Infinite photo party station.

This is arguably the best and the most advanced photo booth available in this industry today. It combines dynamic photo booth software, state or the art technology as well as amazing sleek design to give you amazing pictures. This award-winning booth offers endless opportunities to anyone who wants to take quality photos for corporate events, weddings, and family gatherings, among many others.

It incorporates amazing features such as face morphing, light painting, slow motion, and green painting to give you high resolution and unique pictures. In addition to that, this photo booth is equipped with a customizable lighting color and pattern for added picture quality. It is also equipped with dual screens, the main screen and the second screen is mostly used for branding purposes.

3. Fotobox

Equipped with 12 inch touchscreen and an in built DSLR and strobe light with diffuse, this photo booth will deliver excellent photos that will even surpass your expectations. Its sleek design and modern stylish look will attract the attention of every person in the event. Its colorful color can be customized accordingly to fit any theme or décor.


Although this photo booth has been designed to have small foot print, it is well known to produce unique high quality pictures. Equipped with color changing LED lighting, this photo booth can turn an ordinary event to something that every person will live to remember. It is also equipped with a powerful DSLR camera and 12 inch touchscreen to deliver quality output.

5. Firefly photo module

This Photo Booth was meant to stick out. The Firefly photo module not only looks great but it is also one of the most powerful booths available. It is equipped with a professional camera, touch screen monitors system, commercial grade computers as well as a flash system. In addition to that, it is has an in built DNP DS40 dye sub printer that produces quality photos in just 8 seconds.

The Best Smartphone Comparisons For 2017

The global Smartphone market has witnessed incredible advancement in recent years, with the pace of its evolution there is always something waiting in the wings no sooner has one spied the anticipation of the latest handset than there is a contemplation of something else impending hence choosing a Smartphone to use can be really a hard duty. Not only are they installed with premium and culminating features but there are relatively as many different software combos as there are phones. However this uncontrolled growth has been associated with lots of disruptions, the large website developers are coherently seeking to embrace the advantages that mobile delivers in the areas of engagement, connectivity and price compared with the PC based gateways which have defined business.

We have sampled some smartphones for 2017, those we contemplate to be the best across the entire communication platform and have regularly updated the list on a regular basis. The article has lined up best high-end smartphones of 2017 comparing their features and specifications as depicted below.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is touted to be one of the most outstanding smartphones of 2017 following the high competitive rate of Smartphone evolution.The new high-end Galaxy S8 flaunts a 5.1-inch FHD IPS display having a pixel density of 847 ppm; it shall be shipped with a rear 12MP+13MP camera with 5MP front camera for the selfie.The mobile also runs on the latest Android version of 7.0 Nougat operating system; it shall be available for purchase in 654 and 128GBstorage options

Apple iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 specifications and features are expected to be stunning in the smartphone market growth, the obvious outstanding feature of all Apple phone is to produce a unique and durable device. It will slightly heavier compared to the aluminum casing of the same thickness. Less heaviness will be complemented by a thinner AMOLED panel.

HTC and Google Smartphone(Sailfish and Marlin)

HTC sailfish is characterized by 5-inch FHD,440ppi pixel density. It is powered by 2.0 GHz and a processor of64bit.It is run by 4 GB RAM and inbuilt capacity OF 32 GB. Battery performance of 2770Mah. It is aided with 12MP rear camera and a front camera of 8MP.

On the contrary, HTC Marlin is a 5.5-inch smartphone, enabled with2560*1440 pixels. The phone is Quad-core supported. It has 4GB RAM and an expandable memory slot of up to 128GB.The Smartphone is fingerprint enabled scanner.

LG Flex 3

LG Flex 3 launch is expected to hit the market with surprise due to it stunning speculated features. The phone is projected to possess a metal body that is premium designed. Qualcomm will operate it with 820 processor units. It has 4GB RAM and an expandable Micro SD slot of up to 32GB. The power capacity of the battery is between 3000-3500mAH. It’s fingerprint scanner enabled and with amazing camera shots.

Microsoft Surface Phone.

Rumors of the launch of Microsoft Surface phone are suggesting that the phone will be run on windows 10OS. It will be coupled with 5.5-inch, powered by Snapdragon of about 820 processor. Has 4GB RAM and an expandable memory slot of up to 64GB RAM.

Sony Xperia Z6.

The expected new brand of Sony Xperia is projected to exhibit a 4k Ultra HD screen, a large battery capacity, waterproofed and powered by the fingerprint sensor.

Nokia C1.

The long wait for this phone Is expected to have 5.5-inch, 2GB RAM, has a 32GB inbuilt memory. It is anticipated to hold 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. A cortex-A72 processor runs it.

The Smartphone industry is day by day becoming completive in the market. They are thereby trying to release highly quality phones with a different specification to meet the market demand. More people are getting connected using the most advanced technology devices on the market

Why the Apple iwatch series 2 is your ultimate watch

iwatch series 2

These days, the technology is starting to touch the skies, and many user-friendly things are being invented. People usually prefer light weight and portable products. The Apple Company has introduced the Apple iwatch series 2 which is trouble-free to use, and Apple presented Apple Watch Series 2, the up and coming era of the world’s most mainstream smartwatch. Apple Watch Series 2 is stuffed with unbelievable wellness and wellbeing capacities including a water resistance 50 meter rating for swimming, and implicit GPS so clients can now keep running without an iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 2 additionally highlights a significantly brighter show and an effective double center processor. Joined with the execution improvements of watchOS 3, Apple Watch Series 2 makes it much simpler to get to outsider applications, get and react to notices and advantageously utilize Apple Pay. Apple Watch Series 2 will be accessible in more than 25 nations beginning Friday, September 16.


Whatever the product may be, the features are mainly responsible for the sale of the product. Some important features of Apple iwatch series 2 which add to its price mainly include:

Bluetooth: this helps the iwatch series 2 to connect and pair easily with other Apple products which might be an iPhone or iPad.

Voice Control: this eases the usage, and the user may just simply command at once to get the order completed.

Curved Screen: it provides the watch an elegant and a fashionable look.Password Access: this avoids the risk of data leakage. As the password will only be known to the user, no second person can steal the data.

Wrist Convenience: as the watch has a light weight it can be worn on the wrist and carried anywhere.

OLED Screen: the OLED screen provides clear & sharp images from all screening viewpoints.

Battery and Design:

As the battery has a long and enhanced life, the user won’t need to charge the watch twice/thrice a day. On this spot, some have highlighted a copyright Apple owns for wireless charging. On the other hand, the design also needs to be trendy, as to attract the customer. The curved and flexible screen enables the iWatch to be smooth and wrap around the wrists of a massive series of users. It utilizes solar and kinetic energy to keep the battery topped up.


The iwatch series 2 price announced officially by the Apple Company ranges from £600 to £800. The price in dollars is found to be $150 USD. However, the iwatch series 2 price will be altered in some regions like Asia, India, Pakistan, and Dubai, etc. According to the Pakistani currency, the cost may be Rs. 14778.00

Final Verdict:

The Apple iwatch series 2 price comes with a reasonable price considering it is a smart-phone which keeps the user up-to-date and provides the information regarding time, date, place. The reminder and alarm feature helps the consumer in remembering the important events. On the other hand, the connectivity feature mainly mentions Bluetooth which eases the transfer of content to other Apple devices. The voice control simplifies the work. Also, the curved OLED screen provides a stylish look along with bright images. And the password access enables the data to be protected. The watch being light weight is portable.

5 best digital cameras in 2016

Once, if you needed an expert quality full casing camera it must be a Nikon or Canon DSLR. However, Sony has transformed all that with its mirrorless A7 arrangement cameras, and the A7R II is its most noteworthy determination model. Its 42.4 megapixel sensor is second just to the 50-megapixel sensor in the Canon 5DS for determination, yet the A7R II is just 66% the size and weight of the Canon. It has a high-determination electronic viewfinder and 5-hub picture adjustment incorporated with the camera body, and the full-time live view that is essential to the mirrorless configuration gives Sony’s A7-arrangement cameras a genuine preferred standpoint for video.

2. Nikon D500

Nikon has taken their lead D5 DSLR and the vast majority of its top of the line highlights and refined every one of this into a littler, yet exceptionally tough metal body. The full-outline sensor is supplanted by a 20.9MP APS-C estimated chip, so it hasn’t got a remarkable same determining power as the D7200, yet it means the D500 can shoot at a quick 10fps, while the 153-point AF course of action is maybe the best self-adjust framework out there right at this point. A splendid all-rounder, it exceeds expectations at quick activity like games and wildlife photography.

3. Fuji X-T10

At first sight the X-T10 just resembles a lower-cost other option to Fuji’s DSLR-style X-T1, and you may expect an entire bundle of bargains therefore. Indeed, however, the X-T10 utilizes the same sensor and AF innovation. The X-T10 has a somewhat littler viewfinder picture and simplified outside controls which don’t coordinate the retro bid of the X-T1’s, yet separated from that it’s difficult to see any significant advantage to the X-T1 that could justify the huge value difference. We cherish the reduced DSLR-style body, the heavenly Fuji picture quality and film reproduction modes, and Fuji’s developing scope of premium focal points. This is top-quality mirrorless innovation at a mid-range DSLR value point.

4. Sony RX100 III

The issue with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras is that they don’t fit in your pocket. They’re fine if you’re going out on an appropriate photograph undertaking with all the apparatus, yet illogical on a day out with family or companions. That is the reason top of the line minimized cameras are so prominent – they join DSLR-style manual controls with a greater sensor and preferred picture quality over you’ll get from a customary pocket-sized reduced. Also, Sony’s RX100 arrangement cameras pull off that mix of smallness and quality splendidly. The most recent model is the RX100 IV, however we’ve picked the more seasoned RX100 III since it’s for all intents and purposes as great yet a ton less expensive. You get a 1-inch sensor and a 2.9x zoom focal point with an extensive most extreme gap in addition to a high determination pop-up EVF, Wi-Fi with NFC, 10fps nonstop shooting and a customisable control ring around the focal point. Splendid.

5. Panasonic TZ70/ZS50

The issue with the RX100 III, and top of the line minimal cameras like it, is that the zoom extent is restricted. This implies you’re somewhat confined to topic, and you may be glad to sacrifice only a little picture quality in return for a more extended zoom range. This is the reason supposed ‘travel compacts’ are so well known. These resemble customary simple to use cameras – ideal for beginners and easygoing picture takers – yet with souped 20x or even 30x zoom focal points. The best cases include some all the more capable controls, and the TZ70 is the best of the best. Indeed, it’s most of the way to being an all out top of the line minimal, with manual introduction modes and the capacity to shoot crude records as well – it even has an electronic viewfinder worked in. We can hardly wait to investigate the fresh out of the plastic new TZ80 and TZ100, however.

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Some Beautiful Places To Travel For Photography

With all its drudgery, the world is still a beautiful place. To add to this fact, there are specific places in this earth that are always picture perfect. If one is a travel photographer, or just a tourist looking to have great photos of the earth, there are some breathtaking places one should consider visiting.

1. Iceland
This place takes an easy first choice. People do not call it a land of fire and ice for nothing. It has a breathtaking landscape and an amazing night and even daytime sky. Of what use are tales to friends and family about the magnificent colors or the Aurora if you do not have a nice photograph to prove it? The beautiful grass and ice covering the landscape is unparalleled. This is a place that does not need photo filters or editors. It is a natural beauty. The rivers, the lakes, the ice, the land will act as a natural photo filter

2. Greece
This takes a close second. Honestly, it is hard deciding which is better between these two. Santorini Island, in Greece is a great choice for many world travel photographers. It has beautiful buildings, and great man-made features. The artistic buildings are breathtaking and the beaches are classy.
Although Santorini is mostly a man-made beauty, Meteora is a natural beauty. It has large beautiful rocks covered in green moss and surrounded by cloud. One should not miss this.

3. Thailand
The country has an amazing culture preserved through their structures. They are worth a visit. Its warm tropical climate will instantly welcome ay visitor. The water bodies, huge rocks and beach areas surrounding it are also a sight to behold.

4. China
China has a breathtaking natural landscape. With beautiful mountains and rivers, this is a destination to visit for great and memorable photos. Places like Zhangye Danxia Landform in Gansu have beautiful natural colors. The Himalayas are another place, with the highest peak in China and Nepal.
The Li River is indescribably picture perfect, with a misty appearance, making it exotic. Tianzi Mountains, have an almost similar feel to Meteora in Greece, but it definitely has its own unique aspect.

5. Japan
The Hitachi seaside park in japan is another picture perfect site. With lush colorful grass, a beautiful sky that matches the grass, one will not be disappointed if they visit this beautiful place.

The bamboo forest in japan is a pretty popular place for travel photographer. If you are one and have never been here, take time to visit it.

6. The USA
The list will be incomplete if the monument valley had not been mentioned. Another great photographers dream in the USA is the Yosemite Valley. There are definitely other great places in the United States that take great photos.

Other places where one should consider for travel photography include, but not limited to: Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Petra in Jordan, and the Machu Picchu in Peru. These places have incredible natural features that will make breath taking photos. Portugal’s Algarve cave is a sight to behold while the icy area in Pamukkale, Turkey should be in the travel list. The African wild and Vietnam’s Hang Son Doong should complete this list because the world, no matter where one is, is wholesomely beautiful and always ready for a good photo.